When I was choosing a name for my insurance agency, I chose to call myself a consultant. This is because I use a “consultative approach” to my business and clients.  I like to do a “needs analysis” and help you shop for the best insurance product to meet your individual needs.  Thus, I am an insurance agent who contracts with reputable insurance companies so that I can understand their products and use this knowledge to present informed options to my clients.

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A true insurance consultant has to be licensed by the state of Virginia, collect a fee, and enter into a written contract before engaging in any business.  In this sense, I am not a consultant. I am a licensed insurance agent who receives commissions for selling or soliciting insurance as allowed by my license.

“What this means to you is that you are under no obligation to use my services nor do you have to pay extra to use my expertise.  I am paid by the insurance companies if and when I actually “sell” an insurance policy for that company.’

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The other benefit you have in choosing to work with me is that I am an “independent agent”.  I represent many different insurance companies and my loyalty to one over another is driven by your needs and the policy that a company has to meet those needs.

Being an Independent Agent means I can place business where it is most suitable for you. I am not required to limit my shopping of policies to only one company.  This is in contrast to a “captured agent” who is obligated to only use the insurance plans offered by his company.  These product specific policies a “captured agent” has to offer may or may not be the best ones available for you.

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This does not mean that I represent every insurance company allowed to do business in Virginia.  There are over 1500 insurance companies and not all have stellar reputations.  I am careful to only do business with insurance companies who have an A rating or better from A.M. Best, which was founded in 1899. The industry refers to A.M. Best’s rating and analysis as a means of assessing the financial strength and creditworthiness of risk-bearing entities and investment vehicles (insurance policy companies).

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The additional benefit you have in choosing to work with me is the way I do business and the reason I named my company P Q Wallace Insurance Consultants. I am an Insurance Agent, not an “insurance salesperson” that employs high-pressure tactics. I guarantee, and my client’s will warrant, that my technique is exploratory and educational in nature. I genuinely seek the best product for you, and it doesn’t cost you any more to work with me than it would for you to work with a “captive agent” from the companies I represent.

I enjoy what I do. I like helping people, and I bring over a decade of experience in the insurance industry directly to you in the comfort of your own home or office. Call me. You have nothing to risk in doing so, and everything to gain as I can help you insure your family’s future, today.