Caution: Genetic testing and medicare

April 15, 2019

There have been reports of educational sessions and Facebook ads stating that Medicare would pay for genetic testing for cancer screening or pharmacogenomic testing. All the senior needs to do is supply their Medicare number and have a swab taken.

In most cases, this is Medicare fraud. Genetic testing is only covered by Medicare when you have signs or symptoms of a disease or condition and your physician says that the test is medically necessary. Genetic tests used to screen for disease risk or to see how medicines may affect you are not covered by Medicare.

Please do not give your Medicare number to anyone outside of your healthcare networks like your physician’s office, hospital or pharmacy.

This includes outside screenings that you pay for yourself. These outfits who set up screenings at churches, etc., will use your Medicare number to bill Medicare for a “Wellness” visit, so when your doctor tries to bill for this annual benefit, it has already been used.

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