Referred a Family member

I cannot say enough good things concerning Paula Wallace and her professionalism where Medicare and Insurance is involved. She worked with my sister concerning her insurance needs and the many questions she had regarding Medicare. Paula answered them all with patience and grace.

by Shirley McGee on 11/07/2011

Great Customer Service

I’ve worked with Paula on obtaining a health insurance policy for my son and updating the coverage on mine. She was very prompt in returning my calls and getting the information I needed.

by Pat Merica, A+ Bookkeeping Services, Inc. on 09/25/2011

Long Term Care Policy Satisfaction

We met with Paula to discuss Long Term Care insurance. At our initial appointment, she assessed our needs and answered any questions. Being an independent agent, she shopped around and then provided us several options, explaining any similarities and differences between company offerings. We were able to make an educated decision due to profession al guidance from Paula. Insurance, in general, can seem confusing. Paula, an exellent listener, with years of experience, made the process pleasant. Paula is someone you can trust with your insurance needs!

by Jim & Lynne Hodges on 09/07/2011


Paula is not only a friendly, compassionate, person, but also a true professional. She was outstanding in helping my wife find the correct policy and explained everything fully. We found the website to be easy to understand and navigate.

by Russ on 09/06/2011

Confusion Go Away

When it came time to sign up for Medicare and supplements, we were totally confused. There were so many companies and plans out there, we were unsure of what we needed and what would fit into our budget. A friend whom I trusted,referred me to Paula Wallace. She came to my office and explained everything in detail.

by Adrian & Sallie Brandt on 09/04/2011

Paula Wallace Insurance

Paula is an expert in her field of insurance. If you have questions about supplemental insurance she’s your go to person. I have recommended her to several of my friends and associates and they all have been very impressed with her knowledge and service.

by Sandy Sammons on 09/03/2011

Service that’s Up Close and Personal

My husband and I have dealt with Paula Wallace over the past five years. We appreciate Paula’s personal service: She comes to our home, discusses our individual needs, researches what is available and comes back to us with options. She is knowledgeable, informative and always gets answers to our questions. It is a pleasure to deal with Paula, and we have referred friends to her. We look forward to a continued relationship.

by Mary Batten & Ed Bland on 09/03/2011

P Q Wallace Insurance Consultants

Paula has been my agent for a few years and has helped me find Medicare insurance. I started with Medicare Advantage plans but now I have a Medicare supplement plan. She shopped prescription plans for me and I am now saving even more money on my prescriptions. She also gave me quotes for my wife’s health insurance plan. I would highly recommend using her services.

by Kenneth N. Johnson on 08/25/2011


I have referred friends to Paula and they have raved about her service. She takes time (way beyond the time you would expect) to review the clients situation and help them choose what is right for them. She also explains existing coverages and offers advice and support regarding benefits they may have.

I would never hesitate to recommend Paula.

by Barbara Dillard on 08/25/2011

Paula Wallace – P Q Wallace Insurance Consultants

First of all I just want to say thank you to Paula. If not for her and her wisdom my family would not be the same toady. As my father reached the age of retirement he was trying to figure out the sea of information about what he needed to do about medicare insurance as he reached retirement. He didn’t have medical insurance for many years and as he put it, he was healthy and didn’t really need to have more than what medicare offered. How wrong he was. As he turned 65 in Apirl 2010 and was healthy he wanted corrective eye surgery since medicare would pay for it and end his misery with glasses. I told him before he had this done, we needed someone to talk to him about supplemental insurance to Medicare. I had known Paula for several years through South of the James Business Network Group. I knew she was the one person that would tell dad the truth and help him make a smart decision. They met and talked for a couple of hours and he purchased the supplemental insurance to cover any expenses medicare didn’t. As he went in for corrective eye surgery they postponed it because of an irregular heart beat and he was to be checked out by his general doctor first. So a few days later he went in and the doctor says he needed a ct scan done, his blood count was low and need two units of blood. The ct scan came back and they had found colon cancer, Stage 4. So in June of 2010 he had that removed and went through chemotherapy til Apirl 2011. Thank goodness dad had gotten the additional insurance when he did, because he would have not made it financially thru this. But that’s not all in June 2011 he had a follow up ct scan to check the procedure and the chemo effectiveness. The unthinkable happened the scan picked up an aortic dissection, the main artery that comes off the heart had an aneurysm and he would now have to have open heart surgery. After spending three weeks in the hospital he was home with us, slow but gaining strength. Now he is back at his home in Edenton, NC. As he puts it, he thanks god everyday that he had good insurance. Since Medicare only covers 80% of the bill he was just lucky to have made the decision with Paula when he did before it was too late. Now my wife, kids and myself have all purchased life insurance policies through Paula as none of us know what might happen. I want my kids and wife to be taken care of if anything were to happen to me. I was slow at first to get the insurance, but Paula made three trips to the house before I committed mainly because I needed to make sure I could afford it. She was never pushy or put pressure on my wife and I to make a decision. Now I feel lucky to have met Paula and call her a friend. Again I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for my family

by Carl Savage on 08/19/2011

Paula Wallace of P Q Wallace Insurance Consultants came to our home to review coverage of an old life insurance policy and helped us to bring our insurance up-to-date by writing a new policy to help protect our family. She was courteous, most helpful, and gave excellent professional service. She was honest about what we needed or did not need to do , and our family appreciated her service and would highly recommend her service

by Linda S Pulley on 08/11/2011

Excellent Service

Paula was extremely helpful in advising us and helping us to understand the insurance process. We were very apprehensive about the whole process and felt it would really strain our new fixed income life style. She helped us find excellent coverage for way more than we expected. We were also please with her offer to keep us appraised of any new developments that may help us in the future. We have already recommended her to several of our family and friends.

by Tom & Barbara Gaskell on 08/08/2011

Great Insurance Agent

Years ago, Paula helped me obtain a Life Insurance Policy. My policy is affordable and is written to meet my needs. In the decade since that time, I have come to know Paula better, both professionally and personally, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you could be in no better hands than hers. Paula doesn’t sell–she provides options and knowledgeable guidance. The companies that she has partnered with are very fortunate to have her representing them, as is anyone who chooses Paula as their agent. I must disclose that a couple of years ago, I began to help Paula with her marketing, but I chose her as an agent(10+ years ago)…long before she chose me to help her market P Q Wallace Insurance Consultants

by Kerry Hanslits on 07/11/2011